THe American Institute of Positivity  wages a war against negativity in general and Teen    age violence in particular. AIP is fighting this war by using its proven Success
   Seeking Techniques in all its member organizations: the Miss Black America Pageant which    includes Little Miss Black America, and, Miss Black America Teen; and,
   W.A.T.V. (The War Against Teenage Violence Program)

The American Institute of Positivity's primary goal is to
turn the violence proned teen into a positive success seeking role model.

All in all, SSS techniques enable success seekers toaccomplish anything they desire. They become proud of developing total physical ontrol  over themselves.                                

They find themselves able to work harder and with greater concentration than before. These are minuscule benefits.

   AIP affects the majority of Success seeking respondents   spiritually as can be witnessed    by the total change in their self organization and prioritization.

Goals that once seemed nearly impossible, fall within their reach. They  begin thinking, "Why didn't I do it before? I wish I had known achieving was a matter of good              organization, planning and dedication"                                     

 All entrants are motivated to enjoy successful lives and are guided to take specific steps to reap the  rewards of successful lives.

All this, while participating positively in the Success Seekers Seminar.

The A.I.P. promotes and sustains a long term relationship with all Success Seekers
who take the oath of Positivity;  and, the Oath of Non-violence, and pledge to Seek success in all of their endeavors in life.