The American Institute of Positivity's basic mission is to  wage a war against negativity in general and Teen age violence in particular.

AIP created a division called WAR AGAINST TEENAGE VIOLANCE (WATV) with the specific purpose of waging an all out war of positivity against  violence and negativity in order to change the purpose and emulation  of at risk youth from the flamboyant images of gangsters, and drug dealers which attract teens in today's world. These images portray an  overwhelmingly impressive life to innocent teens  where a 13 year old can earn $5000 per week, selling drugs without a high school education, the flip side of which is drug addiction,  violence, premature death,   a lifetime in jail and the absolute  waste of a precious human life.

This war has Resulted from the increasing eruption of  teenage violence in urban America, therefore, J. Morris Anderson, executive director of the American Institute of Positivity, and founder, producer and syndicator of the Miss Black America Pageants for several decades, decided that the American Institute of Positivity’s  Success Seekers Seminars which have been so successful in causing Miss Black America Contestants to acquire superior  self management skills; increase their self confidence, upgrade their self  image; heighten their self esteem; love themselves;  develop more respect for their peers;  learn to set reachable goals and accomplish their long and short term objectives to  succeed, can, in fact, be a viable weapon in  AIP's  aggressive and offensive  war against Teen Age Violence.

AIP is creating an resourceful army to win this war by offering risk preventive  measures to a wide group of at risk teenagers.

The horrific outbreak of  widespread Teen violence in urban America has grown to dangerous  epidemic proportions and has become of increasing trepidation  and concern to law enforcement, the pillars of society, and the U.S. education system. This, as more teens are wounded, murdered,  otherwise victimized by the violence,  or  they inflict the pain of  teenage violence on others.

The dilemma and tragedy of Teen violence occurs for many reasons, and is usually the result of a variety of  existing problems in a teen’s family life, environment, background, and personality. The American Institute of positivity is determined to win the war against teen age violence.

AIP diverts  the negative energy at risk teenagers spend  violently and  steers it  into positive programs through its Success Seekers Seminars.  In accord with the institute’s Motto, respondents are taught to “Sow the Seeds  of Positivity and Reap the Flowers of Success”. All respondents take A.I.P.s Three Oaths: “ The  Oath of  Non-Violence; the Oath of Positivity; and, “the Oath of  Love”.  

The American Institute of Positivity is enlisting an army of soldiers to finance and fight this war against Violence. You are recruited. Enlist now!..