August, 1977








                                 YOU MUST TAKE THE OATH OF POSITIVITY.

         YOU MUST FEEL THE OATH OF POSITIVITY in your mind, in your body, in your soul, in your heart and in your dreams.

         YOU MUST SEE THE OATH OF POSITIVITY before your eyes when you awaken in the morning and before you close your eyes at night. You, and you alone, must decide that you are prepared to take the Oath of Positivity and to prevent all negative germs from entering your mental, spiritual or physical self.
Throughout the Success Seeker's growth and development, the rules below shall apply.
You should follow them for the rest of your life.

  1. There shall be only positive utterances.
  2. The only acceptable philosophy is:

"I am a mentally, spiritually and physically positive person. I will maintain my mental, spiritual and physical well-being to achieve positive understanding of all people."
Even if you think you are tired and your muscles appear to ache, you will keep a smile on your face, your head held high and say to yourself, "I am physically, mentally and spiritually fit to keep going." Then, you will not feel as tired as you thought you did.

  1. There shall be no self-pity!
  2. There shall be no smoking or gum-chewing.
  3. There shall be no tension.

The Seeds of Positivity, when planted in a true Success-Seeker, can bloom into attain­ment, achievement and accomplishment. When the Seeds of Positivity are sown consistently by Success-Seekers, they yield ever-increasing prosperity and phenomenal progress.
I am determined to provide you with the energetic motivation that will cause your level of confidence to rise so high that your belief in yourself and your abilities, based on a realistic attitude, will take you to the top of the mountain. Your experiences as a Success­ Seeker will provide you with some of the tools necessary to build pillars of success in your life. I want you, as a Success-Seeker, to assimilate the principles that, when practiced conscientiously, will allow you to understand why, "When Success-Seekers Sow The Seeds of Positivity, there are only winners."























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